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This game is considered to be the mobile version of league of legends on pc. Tencent s honor of kings may have drawn the ire of chinas moral police this week, but that hasnt hindered the internet giants plans to take the mobile gaming sensation global. Tencents honor of kings ai beats a team of pros venturebeat. Mobile game downloads jump as coronavirus keeps people. Tencent recently rebranded the global edition of honor of kings or. Honor of kings dominates mobile esports in china niko.

The game is estimated to have grown at a rate of roughly five million daus a month since launch. Downloads gained as casual gamers came back online. The gameplay of honor of kings wangzhe rongyao highly resembles league of legends, a game developed and published by riot games, which is a subsidiary of tencent the game requires either a tencent qq account or a wechat account. The most popular chinese mobile gamethe honor of kings. Tencents honor of kings led mobile game revenue in 2018. Tencents honor of kings coming to us and europe tencent is one of the largest games developers that most people dont know about. Tencent is aiming to build a better esports ecosystem allowing for more teams, more players, increased marketing, celebrity. The 2017 season follows in the footsteps of the 2016 season which was watched by more than 70 million people. So far, tencent has not made a statement about the matter.

A scene from tencent s online game honor of kings photo. All apps file download without registration with good speed. No link for right now, because login issue, and i dont know what to do. Tencent s mobileonly moba game, known as honor of kings in its original form, is so popular in its homeland that tournaments are everywhere and the. Tencents honor of kings juggernaut helped boost its.

Using apkpure app to upgrade world of kings, install xapk, fast, free and save your internet data. According to an analyst at boc international, king of glory will contribute about 50% of the tencent s mobile gaming revenues in 2017 and it made about. On our site you can easily download honor of kings skydragon. Arena of valor formerly strike of kings is an international adaptation of honor of kings for markets outside mainland china. World of kings is a 3d mmorpg masterpiece with fantastic graphics and classic gameplay. Honor of kings, the redhot mobile game in china, tries. Honor of kings, a roleplaying game for smartphones, has attracted 50m active daily users, after adding 5m a month since it was launched by internet company tencent last year making it. Tencent even built an independent team focused on tweaking the experience for each individual country. Despite having launched in 2015, tencent s mobile moba title honor of kings only saw its momentum increase in 2018. But no chinese games are among the most downloaded mobile games of the decade.

In 2015, tencent approached riot games and asked them to turn their popular game league of legends into a mobile title. Tencent s mobile moba honor of kings has amassed 50 million daily active users since launching in november 2015. Tencent is taking its blockbuster game honor of kings to the u. Chinese fantasy role playing game has 50m active players. Should the leaks be true, however, a new era for competitive mobile gaming in the west may just be approaching. Launched in november 2015 by tencent s timi studio, honor of kings has amassed over 200 million registered users with adolescents accounting for almost half of the users, as per the 2016 annual. Tencent released its financial report for the third. A chinese video game rakes in cash and draws young rule. Since its launch in 2015, honor of kings, developed by internet giant tencent, has grown into a viral hit in china.

Tencents megahit mobile moba honor of kings softlaunched. Cara download dan instal king of glory moba terbaik dari. Tencent said it would launch a registration system for honor of kings, meaning new users have to input their real name for authentication through chinas public security database. Cara download dan instal king of glory moba terbaik dari tencent update 2020. It features adventure mode, random matches and ladder mode, also an esport league called kpl. An englishlanguage version of tencent s roleplaying fantasy smartphone game honor of kings, a huge hit in china, is being developed for u. Chinas tiktok, kwai and tencent video are among the. Tencent has launched its biggest esports competition for honor of kings in 2017, the king pro league. In early july, tencent limited playing time among children a day before it was rebuked by the peoples dailya staterun newspaper seen as a mouthpiece for the countrys ruling communist partyfor being addictive. Veysern ling and tiffany tam, analysts to be sure, tencent can rely to an extent on cash cows honor of kings and battle royale shooter peacekeeper elite to cushion any economic shocks, while awaiting government approval to release potential smashes like call of duty mobile domestically. With over 200 million registered users and an active player base of 55 million on the chinese mainland alone, tencent s honor of kings also known as king of.

King of glory gameplay by tencent games mobile duration. Tencents honor of kings surpasses 50 million daus in 14. Crush your enemies in classic 5v5 combat in real time. Tencent to usher in name checks for popular game honor of. Chinas most popular game is about to launch in the us. In fact if current revenue trends continue it will quickly become the most successful video game ever. No matter if a global version of kings of glory is actually in the works, arena of valor will most likely not cease activity. To be sure, tencent can rely to an extent on cash cows honor of kings and battle royale shooter peacekeeper elite to cushion any economic shocks, while awaiting government approval to. Honor of kings will need you to play with your real name in china. Tencent s honor of kings and neteases fantasy westward journey rank 6th and 7th respectively in consumer spending, according to app annie. Tencents set for fastest growth since 2018 after outbreak. Tencent says its ai system wukong ai managed to defeat a team of professional players in a fiveonfive honor of kings match. Tencents child locks for its crazily popular mobile game.

On wednesday, its creator, the chinese internet conglomerate tencent holdings, said that honor of kings helped power a nearly 40 percent rise in its. If using the same account type on different platforms, multiplayer with your wechat friends is possible, however many functions in game are disabled daily. Tencents honor of kings highestgrossing mobile game of. Honor of kings has been a huge hit in china for tencent, with more than 160 million people playing it every month.

Honor of kings also translated as king of glory is a multiplayer online battle arena moba game published by tencent for ios and android. Creator of tencents blockbuster game honor of kings. Also translated as kings of glory, honour of kings is a fantasy roleplaying multiplayer online battle arena game. Tencents hit game honor of kings might come to us and.

And because of this, arena of valor is a somewhat different game compared to honor of kings. Draw first blood, carry your team, and become legendary in the arena. Create the most dominating team the moba world has ever seen. Tencent takes honor of kings global to offset china. King of glory is a great mobile game from the giant tencent game, which is one of the most popular game developers in asian and in the world. How to download medal of king android rainbow six siege. Tencent is bringing chinas biggest game to the rest of. Tencent allegedly has a global version of kings of glory. Experience arena of valor, an epic new 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena moba designed by tencent games.

Honor of kings and a few other tencent games have leveraged the massive wechat and qq messengers to acquire users. Chess rush is a turnbased strategy game boasts both team and solo modes. Puzzle games like brain out and tencent s online battle game, honor of kings, were among the most downloaded in china, according to data from mobile app analytics firm app annie. Honor of kings mod apk original file free download. Tencents honor of kings game to get overhaul for us release. Chinas two gaming giants, tencent and netease, also have apps that are among the decades biggest mobile games. Master unique and powerful heroes, like batman, while teaming up with friends. Its a multiplayer online battle game similar to league of legends, but for.

You probably havent played it yet, but chinas big mobile moba multiplayer online battle arena honor of kings is making a lot of money. Tencent also makes movies and is currently building an esports complex and has plans for an honor of kings theme park. Tencents honor of kings finds a massive audience in china. This last game is a massive hit in china, grabbing more than 50 million. Tencent s 5v5 mobile moba king of glory also translated as honor of kings and called strike of kings in the u. Its very similar to another tencent game, league of legends, which is the. Tencent s hugelypopular mobile moba honor of kings is finally making its way west under the new name of strike of kings the game is currently available in austria, belgium, czech republic, denmark, finland, hungary, ireland, netherlands, norway, poland, sweden, switzerland, turkey and the. This comes as china plans on tackling gaming addiction over rising levels of myopia. Honor of kings will need you to play with your real name. Tencent cant lean on its messaging apps in worlds second largest videogame market.

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